Be straight enough to say

“I want you”

“I love you”

“I need you”

“I miss you”

“I care for you”

“I wanna hold your hand now and forever”

“I won’t ever leave you”

“I need you back”

“I still love you”

“I want this”

“I don’t like this”

“I hated this”

“I loved this”

“Improve your habits”

“Improve this”

“We need to talk”

“We are lacking here”

“This is our problem”

“This is not working”

“We need to improve this”

“I dislike this things”

“I am possessive about”

“I am in love with you”

“I loved you”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This way the ‘Us’ works.

No friendship. No relationship works smoothly. Everybody had struggles until the final day to say “yes we made it”

Everyone goes through struggles which they don’t show. But they simply sit and talk about it. To make it last, and that’s how people look forward to them and has that smiles on their face to say, 

“They made it last” 

“They holded forever tight”

“They are still together”

– – – – – – – – – – – –

P.S : I have seen people looking forward to friendships and relationships like, “hey they look good together, oh my god they are still together and so on.” Those people has great smiles on their face, i know they wish the same, ofcourse who don’t?

But the people who hide behind these smiles are somewhere the one who leaves in between the friendships and relationships not making it till the end cause of their mindset which says, “it’s not working” “i tried” etc,etc,etc.

But the fact is, when did you try? did you talk to the one with whom it’s not working? did you sit together to sort things? to complain? to disregard? and theron, to make it further,the best? or you just chose to leave the struggles in between?

Cause i believe nothing works without struggles, whatever it takes to achieve glory and success holds struggles and hardships, be it in family,friends,career, relationships.

And you say ?

Nothing last forever.

It’s cause you don’t want to.

It’s cause of your own mindset that makes you leave in between.

Thereafter, you have smiles on your face for those people who you see having good friendships with one another forming love or whatsoever, continuing the friendships since days and years?

Do they come to show or say about their struggles and all that they have been through, brought them to this place since years, which brings a smile to your face wishing the same?

But that’s how

We can say

“They made it last”

“They are still together”


i believe 

nothing goes smooth in life

and that’s what

Journey is all about.


Written on the 14th of this month.

Nobody is clear and consistent,

ask yourself if you are?

Something will stop you to come forward

but is this the way on how it is supposed to work?

You complain about ‘time’ when time is the only thing we have.

You complain about ‘spoken words’ when words is all we share.

You complain about ‘silences’ when silences are best heard to shower love.

Just incase,

To all the lovers of the day –

While You share words,kisses,hugs today to your special ones without any complains.


Yet the complains remains?

So just for today,

make and share ‘time’ to sort the ‘complains/negativities/assumptions’

i.e. kept aside for the next day to make this day special yet not ‘so special.’

Cause the emptiness you hide behind the smiles might set you apart sometime in life.

‘None wishes that though.’

Well, valentine isn’t about adoring and appreciating a person just for a day.

It’s worth keeping and completing each other everyday only if you value it.


• Let hugs and kisses come your way every single day not just to pretend for thou sake of this today.

• make hardships a priority.

• Forever holds struggles and broken promises.

• Let every season be the season of happiness.

• if you can make ‘time’ today, make it worth each others feels.

• Making each other realise isn’t about leaving one another.

• Love is not a trend, it’s a feeling of being secured and that you care about.

• Those butterflies and chocolates looks good in a scenario.

• It isn’t a race against one another that you’re to win. It’s a journey throughout.

• Commitment isn’t just a word it’s a purity in every single word spoken thereon forming love.
Cause nobody said it’s meant to be easy

and who says?

Heartbreaks are beautiful.
Share – Overcome – Set-back // Holding onto regrets and thereafter looking forward to someone else who might bring you the same cause?


#Cleartheair #talkitover #positivevibes

#deepenough #holdingonlove


There are people who turn into family.


family isn’t just a word

If we call someone family 

we mean them!

Don’t we?

Cause we don’t leave our family

Instead they are the support system.

We can leave friends and things

But we don’t leave our family at any cost.

I assure this.

So before calling someone FAMILY

Think about it.

Know you’re giving them the place you would not like to give everyone.

Never leave them or turn them to strangers.

Cause we never leave our family at any cost.

instead point out what’s wrong and improve it, make it better, things do work out if we share our complains our assumptions from one another. Know this that you simply don’t call someone family randomly. Value your words. It becomes a journey throughout,walking together and making it stronger than ever. Because we never leave our family at any cost.

Rely Upon.

You say:

you can’t be friends anymore.

it’s inexplicable.

You want to keep it personal.

You want to keep yourself private.

You don’t wanna share.

You don’t wanna give time.

You don’t wanna be here.

And you leave!

Making it worse.


She had to be ok with your ‘decisions’

cause you were ‘alright’

She had to be strong

though she never chose being this strong 

but the world around her left no options

for her.


She is living anyway.


Now you ask her 

If she is fine ?

Ofcourse she had to be.

Did you left any options for her ?

Did you care for her while leaving ?

Did you even care for the happiness she wanted for you?

Okay. Avoid this.

You came

but you’re yet not clear.

You say

you can rely on her.

but you don’t want to share your problems?

You seek for “normal friends”

but why would she want to be an extra baggage?


You know who do we rely on?

We can rely only on someone we are confident and secured about.

We just don’t go and share our problems and secrets to every person around us.


that’s why there are bestfriends.

And you say

there is nothing called friends and bestfriends

All are friends?

Do we really rely upon everyone?

Are we really confident with the people around us?

One step back ?

How can one be “normal friends” after being “bestfriends” ?

It could either be bestfriends or one step forward.

But one step back ?

it seems next to impossible.

Won’t it simply be an extra baggage walking together formally?

And why will anyone seek for an extra baggage ?

Maybe i am just an old soul

thinking about all this.

But i am just this way

who isn’t willing to be in a place

who has no interest.

Will they ?

Will he call ?

Will she receive ?

What if she does ?

What if he don’t ?

Just incase !

He wishes ?


she pleases ?

The lone heart.

The hurt.

The anger.

The egoistic mind.

Ah! They don’t let them.

Thus they shatter within

keeping themselves stiff behind

Not Letting themselves appear

Not to apologise

but to share the things 

they kept behind.

while faking the smile


facing the world

with great hardships of smiles.

They shattered themselves

from one another

appearing towards the rest

with the smiles

but the cries

in the dark.

They did shattered.


Will they come together ?

Once again!

Just incase

if they call ?

Just incase

if they feel ?

Just incase 

if they realise not to apologise

but to share the hardships of smiles.

Once again!

Just incase

if he wishes


she pleases.