The strongest feel in any kind of relation is “REALISATION” after all chaos, doubts,hurts,assumptions and drawbacks.

Realisation makes you build a strong relation further not by ignoring but by setting back. 


Only if – 

No. She never asked or seeked for Love.

Hey please do not confuse.

All she asked and seeked was a secured bond.

Though she found in him.

That’s why she respects him.

But why do people confuse themselves with their own assumptions –

And leave you otherwise with no explanations.

What if she says :

Maybe he seeked for love 

But he never approached –

Well, Did he ?

And than he seek for that kind of similarities –

How can he ?

Okay. Maybe he thought she loved

But she too never approached.

Did he ever asked ‘why’ ?

If he loved and she loved as friends.

Couldn’t it be ‘more than friends’ ?

Than why weren’t there a confession 

if the slight touch of feelings concurred thy heart.

Weren’t a mutual explanation, a mutual understanding, a mutual decision could save their bond ?

Be it cause of family. friends. friends of friends Or love.

Couldn’t things be simple ?

Alas! Sob! why do people confuse themselves with their own assumptions –

And leave you otherwise with no explanations ?

Isn’t mutual understanding love care improvement change decision an important factor.

Why the word ‘leaving’ has so much ‘power’ to make you feel disgrace to love someone with whole of your heart and why all those years of presence promises respect care struggles happiness meetings sharings goes in vain ? Today why all their stayings are questioned Yet no answer.

Yes. We never stop loving them.

But that absence kills you from inside.

No matter how much strength you hold.

That togetherness keeps you missing.

Only –

If you loved deep –

If you appreciated true!

‘Mother’ a beautiful thought. An intense feel.

Finally here i post –

The word “Mother” itself is so beautiful isn’t it ?

People hold different meanings and has their own notion unlike one another. Google itself gives different meanings and thereafter we say “Oh my mother means the world to me, i love her, she is my life, etc etc” But do we really feel the intensity ? 

Cause i believe what’s best is the one that comes from within, the ones which you feel. Also the crippled ones when you see her struggling.

Love isn’t about what you say today and feel different just another day. It’s the consistency which you keep throughout no matter how hard the struggles seem. No matter how devastating your future looks like cause she knows her kids will make it better.

The word ‘mother’ is a happy and a positive thought.

We say “mom listen to us or please do this for me.” And there we are relieved cause you know she will never say “No”
But have we ever thought how often we listen to her or do things for her and make her feel relieved ?

How easy it is to say someone “i ll die for you” But have you ever seen/feel her dying each and everyday while she struggles and sacrifices yet smiles along the ways ?

Do you ever see her so intensely that you feel her struggles and the pain that she suffers ?
Does her pain makes your heart beats faster that it reaches till the throat ?

She who smiles for you.

Why does she seek for your success and blessings ?

To make you live better. 

To see you prosper


To make her proud 


To make her living better as well –

Is it selfish for her to ask this much ? No.

Why ?

Because she had led herself down for your well-being.

She had forgotten herself, her life and her happiness for you.

Isn’t Her sacrifices and deeds be an inspiration for you to live and make her living better.
Cause you may not know but now the ‘meaning’ of her ‘life’ is just ‘You’.

We often forget this.

Isn’t it easy for people to say “accept people and situations” as they are.

(Note: Those people really don’t suffer or live your life)

Well. This is what a mother does.

But is it easy for you also to do the same ?


As the philosophy says “Acceptance”

Here i differ –

Cause I’m selfish

When things and situations comes to my mother.

Well in this case,

Do you notice her ?

She stops you and not the wrongdoers.

Do you see her commitment and the love towards her family which makes her quiet ?

Do you really give her the stand to walk together or you’re letting her walk alone ( still she will hold herself strong )
The day you will feel HER will be the day you will know and even if you know you will realise the depth of her sacrifices and the care and that day you will know what you have beside or have been missing beside. Thus, the feeling of detachment and the fear of losing will be rightly felt just behind your silence.
P.S : A ‘smile’ that brightens my face.
A ‘presence’ that lightens my heart.

The things she never really do for herself are the things she does for Us.

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Did you know.

My sister still teases me with your name and her mischiefs never ends.

My mom still ask me about you and smiles with me.

They still thinks there is something hidden 

And all i use to say it’s nothing more than friendship.

They never believed me neither did they restricted for anything.

My mom still smiles along 

And my sister still mischiefs around.

All i do is nod my head

And Smile a little with them

But than i walk away from there
The walk so deliberate 
The walk so painful

Here i sit in my silence 
And says :

Who would tell them ?

The person they knew 

Was a priority to me

Was no more a bestfriend too.

It used to be always about.

You You and You –

How are YOU 

What are YOU doing

Where were YOU

When are YOU coming

Why are YOU silent

What happened to YOU

YOU are ignoring me

It feels like YOU are not interested 

I don’t want any kind of gaps with YOU

I am not leaving YOU

The nights use to end with the thoughts of YOU –

Whether YOU are fine or not

It was so much about YOU

That feeling YOU struggling there alone

I kept my struggles away from YOU

Just for YOU.

Why ?

Just to listen from YOU 

That there is nothing called bestfriendship.