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Love you see.

I don’t know what love is. I don’t really know how it feels or it is supposed to be felt. I have felt the feeling of being heard, seen, supported and for me maybe that’s how love should be in these small little things and so much more as life brings further.

It’s during those times of schooling when I had this habit of writing and my friends going through such love feels and separation. That’s when I became hard on love, my thought process changed because of the pain my friends were feeling. No I ain’t comparing myself with them. But the feeling of love is so disillusioned. My friends ran towards me to share them all and listen to them for once, they cried, they weeped. Yes the ones who were smiling from within during those times of togetherness. This made me question?

What if ? All these love brings the same.

Yes. I had a crush. Everybody has. But I felt it temporary and with time it got all vanished. Note : I never confessed maybe out of fear or I never saw myself as falling in love. Well that was just crush.

Time passed. Ended up schooling. Had good memories and hardships of friends leaving. But I was involved and happy about one thing that was someone who was junior to me. When I was in 12, he was in 11, that’s when we interacted with each other through our mutual friends. I don’t exactly remember who started the conversation. All I knew, he was someone so blissful and we had something in common to share and in couple of months we became close friends. I left my schooling , we were unhappy but one has to get ahead in life. I saw him as a family. I believed him. Everything was merry. People doubted us , what if there is something going on , they actually wanted us to be together but for us, we called each other as best friends. We were very chill about all these that even if people talked about it we would laugh it out. Well, we never talked seriously about it.

As I said, I never talked about love or loving. Because I don’t really know this feeling. With time I have been hard on love. A little fearful. I always looked for someone who would confess me right in front of me. Not because I don’t love them , reject them or would leave them silently but because I don’t know. I really don’t know that’s why I seek for some silence where I might share it all. But for now I don’t really know what is it or how it feels. Well writing this right here feels like I’m crippled.

Coming back to my bestfriend,

We were our go-to person. We had our promises & daily conversations. I used to wait for him as he would tell his everyday stories at school. What happened with him, how he felt, everything. That’s a really good thing about bond to share to communicate. Right?

We met often. With him I had no fear about anything or about people seeing us around. I have almost met him in front of my home. I parents doubted too hahahah! *Laughing*

But we never confessed anything even if it was more than best friendship. As I said, I don’t know how it feels even if I felt. For me that “relation” is important “togetherness” is everything. So I seek for someone to confess. But what if he leaves one day? Things that happens with all?

He left for his further studies, to cut it short , after a year, he changed with time. The communication wasn’t still. He wanted to share so many things but left with things unsaid. Yes. He left one day. He told me things that I would never believe. He left me destructed. He saw me crying. I tried to talk to him. I begged for him to speak his mind. But nothing calmed him, he was stuck in his decision of leaving. I cried in front of his guy bestfriend. That’s when I felt helpless. That’s when I cried for days? months? years?

Well that’s when I realised I loved him but I was too late to say him. Still I never confessed him till date. Because I don’t know what was it after all he was also a son of my father’s friend. How would I confess? What would I say? I knew it from before that I started falling for him as he said he would leave for further studies.

I cried to myself silently on his leaving. But I never stopped him. I never said no. I wanted him to fulfill his dreams, to be one successful person. I knew there would be distance someday. But I always wanted to be there.

Anyways things changed. I have moved on. He has moved on. Everything changed between us. We are no more bestfriends. He tried to contact me quite often after all the mess over messages but all I wanted was “truth” over meeting’ which he never made or confessed. That’s alright.

Years passed. Few friends knew about it. They were always there to support me.

I was devastated. I stopped communicating with everyone. I never went close to anyone. I was on a silent mode. I never payed attention to any of mutual friends or strangers messages. People tried to ask for a meeting but I was always ready with a “no” or an excuse.

My friend told me to communicate, to try talking, for how long would you stay aloof? Not everybody is same, give them a chance. You never know who feels like a blessing. They made me understand and explained me always. But deep inside I knew what the ending might be and would feel. I was zoned out. It was hard for me to even believe in friendships. I was hurt, broken and what not? That stage of my life, I fear. But it has made me grown stronger than ever with time. I became a little more harder on love. Everybody leaves yeah no matter what the seasons or promises.

It was mid/December 2018, when I started looking for myself and changed. Slowly I helped myself. I stopped crying in front of my friends. I didn’t want to be helpless anymore or someone who would see me weak. I grew stronger. I distanced myself from thinking to fall in love or to let anyone come closer to me.

It was 2019 , when suddenly life changed upside-down. Someone came into my life. We started communicating. I don’t know how that happened we became friends, close friends. We never met each other. But he was someone who made me happy AGAIN. Because I had forgotten the feeling of happiness. But he was someone who made me feel seen, supported. Everything AGAIN was merry. We just involved into talking day and night. He became an important part of my life. It was important for us to know about each other’s day. He did everything on his part to keep me into communications & emotions. We shared one of the best times. Well I don’t know about him, but I did. Because you should have seen him with “that smile”

There was some connection between us , I felt and as my friends told it seems like he loves you, and I doubted on what was it? He never confessed but I had always been hard on love. Still I tried on my part be it less. I never wanted to feel helpless again after that stage years back.

But as said, nothing last forever. Hence he proved again. He distanced himself and left me silently. He promised to stay but that’s what everybody says? I tried talking to him, I asked him to say? But he never shared. His hurt, his silence was more important than me and our bond. So that’s when it was time to bid him goodbye without a say. But the question still remains.

Love. You see. So confusing. So gentle. Like a glass, it breaks and is never the same. I was hurt again. I was devastated. I feel alone but I never run back again because someone who said would stay will he be there still the same? Or is he seeking for the same? Alas. Sob. Sob.

Love. What is it? When I don’t even know how the first kiss feels.

Flirt. When I don’t even let anybody come close to me.

Love! Love! Love! Let it be. .

Love as I see is beyond perfection. I want us to talk not only when we are merry and you promise and cherish me a lifetime together. But when we are sad, hurt, angry, annoyed because of one that’s when we share the flaws that’s when we respect our differences and care for each other a little more. To talk it out. To communicate. That’s when we think over our own flaws and correct it gradually rather than creating walls and walking silently.

Sometimes we are not aware of our own flaws that’s when our partner comes in role to work on it together. Just like sometimes what we see or hear might not be the truth.

What togetherness is for you? What is loyalty for you? What is happiness for you? What is the truth for you? What is perfection? What is love ?

Everything seemed so merry than what are the causes?

Sharing, learning and overcoming together that’s the support everyone seeks. Right?

Than why do we lack in sharing , in communicating. Why do we feel like a burden? Like the opposite one won’t really understand? Why are you even together if you think this way? And why do you think one is happy and the other one is sad and vice versa when both shared everything in common other than social media norms.

What you see might not be the truth.

Love. Love. Love. I don’t really know how to love. Oh dear! What is love?

How do they overcome after one such feeling? Why do they appear to just disappear one day like it was NOTHING.

Oh love. I know nothing about you.


Attention! Attention! Keep repeating. . How does it feel? It feels normal, good, positive or kinda little arrogant, full of attitude or a negative word? Still processing on the word “ATTENTION”

Why have we started pressurising on the word “attention” like it’s no more normal? Why have we changed the word with something negative? Why have we started relating with some unwanted relationships like “he/she is a person who is an attention seeker?” Well, I hope he/she is that person only whom you once gave so much of attention, love and care. I hope you are not misguided with the fact that you once were together and everything was normal.

Attention! Attention! I don’t know how does it feel? Until someone makes me feel like it’s a negative word. Like I’m wrong or abusing the opposite one for their own differences. I don’t know if it’s my mind that says it’s a “word” not to be said.


Attention! I still feel the same with no intentions. I see it as a happy word. I see it like it’s absolutely normal than why the society push me towards the negatives or if it’s my own mind playing with me? Hey?

I never knew what attention really felt like. It makes me feel something new. When somebody gave me a lot of attention and everything was so merry that it raised my expectations of me being a little more attentive to the ones paying me attention with no intentions. All I had is happiness and the word “attention” felt so blissful that no negatives could touch me.

Well. Attention! Attention! The word “attention” changed it’s meaning and it never felt the same again because the person who once made me happy with all his attentions had no intentions. This way he changed it’s meaning to something called “an attention seeker”.

How could this be? When all he showered was love and blamed me for all.

“Attention” felt so good since I found it’s meaning like it’s normal, good, positive, love and later on felt all of it to feel nothing at all.

Why do people start blaming someone for the situations that one experiences?

Why do people fake when all they have is hate inside?

Why do people turn silent when all they gave was pure attention?

Why do I Still feel the word given “an attention seeker” to as “pure attention”?

Well, Why do society try to pour words and sentences of negativism to make people think what they might not actually even think for real?

And why do people post something that they know can harm people and their self-respect / self-confidence can be low by a single unpleasant act/word such as,

“Attention” to “An attention seeker”

How much will it cost someone?

When they might not even know they are seeking attention or what they do is normal for them but according to you he/she becomes “an attention seeker” to someone going through society tantrums and indirect post.

Think twice. Act wise. Let people live.

I’m back after years.

Hello WordPress Fam.

So excited to be back after years.
I remember reaching out people all over the world sharing similar vibes, emotions. I could help them heal together.

This is me Shalini Minda.

A writer of Untold Phrases that says,

“Too realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.”

I hope you remember me!

Well to begin with,

My writing journey over “social media” started when I was quite broken in the year of 2017. Well that happens with all yeah. I had a cluster of thoughts to pour out to the world not to gain sympathy or anything but to help people be aware and come out of the unknown phases that they might face in the future. That’s why when I say “deep & realistic” I mean it.

Deep because my heart feels so much that they started calling me an overthinker. Well in that case I don’t mind because what I bring to the books of readers is the “truth, ugly, pretty or whatsoever.” I look forward to people to come out of their so called “permanent bliss” because there is nothing called “permanent” and face everything beautifully. I want them to dive in deep of what can happen or is supposed to be. There is no prediction just feels and comes the realistic vibes.

Too realistic because I see it as real. I feel things for real. I feel like I have become more realistic out of the ideas that people bring forward or the heartbreaks of people and me that makes me see the world out of the box, from another point of view. They call me tough, oh maybe I’m because I have been holding it strong for too long. Well, coming to readers, it’s hard for them to accept but as soon as they face some kind of situations they come forward to go through my post. Fun fact – now they see the world “for real”.

About me : A lot has been said yet unsaid so is for all human beings. Few things remains unsaid until we die and take them along with us. Till than I shall keep sharing my vibes, feels, notions.

I am looking forward to reach out to as many people as I can so as to help them feel the feels because “You’re not alone” is all I believe in and that we all can build our network to help and share the vibes through contents and face it all together, be it anything.

Togetherness & Loyalty is something that I really believe in when it comes to building up a relationship of any kind. Remember no fights/silence lasts longer as long as you have faith and trust in your heart & mate.

I hope my comeback feels stronger.

See you until next time.

Happy Reading 🙂


You don’t need a man,

Who keeps you awaited.

Who keeps you wondering.

Who keeps you around and not in your heart.

Who sleeps without letting you know.

Who ignores you when he is moody.

Who seeks for your trust but doesn’t trust you.

Who shares with you still hides things from you.

Who keeps fighting for useless communications.

Who forces you to be normal.

Who makes you feel silly when around.

Who doesn’t respect you in front of public.

Who talks more about fights than you.

Who wants you to be there yet he seeks for someone else.

Who keeps you around for no great purpose

“Broken” – Please Read, like, comment over Instagram.

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Yes. Broken. We are all broken somewhere and stuck in the middle of nowhere. We are all incomplete people living incomplete lives. We try harder to mend our hearts, the pieces of yesterday, that swear is hidden deep inside. No matter how much you ignore through your boldness and strength. But yes, the fact lies here : The weakness that we hardly show to people around us, they believe in the truth that we pretend to share because it feels easy at the moment as you know, nobody would understand what you are going through. So you pretend to forget, to enjoy, to have fun and care less. Also hoping to be loved by someone who brought you to this phase. Ah. You break a little again. While you turn from being happy to believing "Sad is the new normal" to punishing yourself with all the hurt and anger. Though there is no law of breaking hearts but the love that still resides within has no affect on each other, all this is covered with a plastic of Ego/hurt that we don't hear or go to the person straight enough to say : " I Still Love You " As they say distance brings forward the love but we fear, the response, the feels, the pain and to be felt broken once again (maybe). . Cause, Love doesn't come with an expiry date but people does. Isn't it ? Making love to sobbing our hearts out wasn't easy. But a person leaving you with a 'no' to disbelieving your worth was. . . However, What if you give each other a second chance after breaking yourself into pieces for the only person who himself is broken? . . There is so much to see, to feel, to know, to love. Why not try thou ? What if a beautiful love story begins ? With the broken, once broken ? What if the heart beats for the broken, and it skips all that was, once broken ? . #shalinitalks #mm #love #life #friendship #relationship #words #reflection #feelthefeels #oldsoul #StayMotivated #TheRealisticVibes #followformore #wordporn #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #wordsmith #wordsofwisdom #wordsofworth #poemsofig #deep #emotions #poetrycommunity #writers #poets #igs #untoldphrases #inspiring #spirituality #writingthefeels Instagram : @phrasesunsaid @yourquoteapp : Untold Phrases

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Beauty Of Silence.

Maybe Yes.

Maybe No.


But eh,

they say : “Maybe” is always a No.



| Deliemma |




I love silence and solitude.

While finding peace in the beauty of silence.

During the moonlight.

No matter how many people I joke around with,

At the end of the day,

I find peace in my very own familiar place,

while playing it with the words,

when the medicine of silence,

pours in my veins,

giving me strength,

to wake up next day.


But that’s what life is all about. Nah?

to get back to a familiar place.

To find comfort,

from all discomforts of LIFE.



P.S : Waiting for the day when someone tells the same as quoted :

“There is beauty in silence and you play it well with the words”

‘WATCH’ – short story.


You wanted to gift her a “watch”,

just to let her feel special or to feel the times with you.

You wanted to see that smile,

via. this little things,


to let her cry,

for the times shared.



When you never wanted to give her time?

When you were running from the hard times,

you forgot to see the time,

and this is how you fixed,

your time.

Just to let her keep looking at the time,

and to wait for you to give her a little time,

to see you busy,

staying online,

after once in a while,

to see you changing dp,status,stories,

snapping and so on?




Was it love from you?

Or maybe you just thought,

she couldn’t afford one.


was it an excuse?

to leave before time.

Or just,


she never looked at the time,

when she was there along with you.

Reminding her,

to feel worthless of the times with you,

to share snaps and moments along,

just to end this,

with the saying,

“keep this watch,


Your time is up/over”.



[ Short Story ]



P.S: Did she demand too much?

Or her expectations were too high?

Isn’t time is all we have?

That we can freely and possibly share with the loved ones.

“Now don’t tell me,

it’s difficult to explain,


All i learnt from time,


time is all we have,

If not now,


It’s all about finding One,

rest are just an excuse.”



“If I had 5 mins for myself,

I would possibly take out,

5 extra minutes for you that equals to 10”


Priorities babe.



Everything is changing,

isn’t it?

Do you notice this?