Beauty Of Silence.

Maybe Yes.

Maybe No.


But eh,

they say : “Maybe” is always a No.



| Deliemma |




I love silence and solitude.

While finding peace in the beauty of silence.

During the moonlight.

No matter how many people I joke around with,

At the end of the day,

I find peace in my very own familiar place,

while playing it with the words,

when the medicine of silence,

pours in my veins,

giving me strength,

to wake up next day.


But that’s what life is all about. Nah?

to get back to a familiar place.

To find comfort,

from all discomforts of LIFE.



P.S : Waiting for the day when someone tells the same as quoted :

“There is beauty in silence and you play it well with the words”


‘WATCH’ – short story.


You wanted to gift her a “watch”,

just to let her feel special or to feel the times with you.

You wanted to see that smile,

via. this little things,


to let her cry,

for the times shared.



When you never wanted to give her time?

When you were running from the hard times,

you forgot to see the time,

and this is how you fixed,

your time.

Just to let her keep looking at the time,

and to wait for you to give her a little time,

to see you busy,

staying online,

after once in a while,

to see you changing dp,status,stories,

snapping and so on?




Was it love from you?

Or maybe you just thought,

she couldn’t afford one.


was it an excuse?

to leave before time.

Or just,


she never looked at the time,

when she was there along with you.

Reminding her,

to feel worthless of the times with you,

to share snaps and moments along,

just to end this,

with the saying,

“keep this watch,


Your time is up/over”.



[ Short Story ]



P.S: Did she demand too much?

Or her expectations were too high?

Isn’t time is all we have?

That we can freely and possibly share with the loved ones.

“Now don’t tell me,

it’s difficult to explain,


All i learnt from time,


time is all we have,

If not now,


It’s all about finding One,

rest are just an excuse.”



“If I had 5 mins for myself,

I would possibly take out,

5 extra minutes for you that equals to 10”


Priorities babe.



Everything is changing,

isn’t it?

Do you notice this?

Do you get these feelings ?

Where you just dont know where and why you’re living , you’re just surviving for someone or something. And that someone is no one else than your parents, your family. Where you just want to make a life for them and forget about the chains and the past that bruised and crippled you in and out. You forgot to smile and life just turned out to be something you never wanted. But at the same time you feel happy inside and you just dont know what life actually wants ? But you need to learn to balance as it passes by all the joys and sorrows. Also, where you have no one beside to think about you, where you feel friends are no friends and you distance yourself. Life where you cant go too far or near. You just sit and live and try to find out true meanings of life.

Life gets better. Make sure you’re there to see it – just these positive thoughts make it worth once again. Do you ?


Dear Dad,

You’re really very nice.

The way you handle your mom and my mom.

The way you keep on working all day , here and there.

You’re a bit lazy

and has lost much confidence in life – this is what keeps you back. I know but i am ok , things will be fine. We can make things better together ,

But i don’t know what stops you from allowing us to work for you.

You want to do everything on your own and want us to study. But this doesn’t makes sense to me when i see my family in trouble, every single day?

When i see you all in pain, i cry within. I am numb now,

I can’t see mom this way,

I don’t want to stay here,

The fear keeps me awake whole night,

and people ask me why i don’t sleep!

How do i tell them?

They don’t believe my reasons.

Anyway it’s about us yeah?

You know,

you should change a little, according to the generation, the situation.

How much your child will sacrifice or how much will they understand?

You are broken from inside, i know, but you know the reason right?

Then why do you support your mom all the time,when you can differentiate the right and wrong?

Because everybody loves their mom?

But not on the condition that your mom hurts or play you all the time.

Things gets better sometimes.

And you give me a hope that everything is working out.

. . . . . .

It’s still the same.

Our family is complete yet incomplete.

I don’t see happiness in us.

I see us faking and struggling.

I see souls crying wanting to make things better yet

Destiny is stick to its position.

It’s not changing.

We know what can be done to make things better,

but we aren’t doing it.

Because you fear.


I do stop talking sometimes,

But i never left you.

I have a fear that i would lose all of you,

situations are getting worse,

some people just don’t let us live.

You tell us to understand,

for once understand from our point of views.
You know why i fear love?

Because i never saw love in my family,

I fear i would lose,

I fear that it’s never the same again like you both,

I never saw love in your eyes for mom, the kind of love every girl wishes.

Infact, mom doesn’t wish the same.

People call me hard.

But they don’t know what made me so hard,

so strong to fall in love.

. . . . . . . . 

Maybe this is the reason why i love, when i love it will always be the only one that i love.

. . . . . .

You give me thousands of reasons to love,

but I am sorry 

your love is still incomplete

And i have just one reason,

That’s My Mom.

i want to see that ‘zid’

for having me your life.
i want to see that ‘haq’

that i always wanted to owe.
i want to listen that ‘mine’

all over again.
i want to see my ‘share’

that you deleted.
i want to listen to you

all this while

when i wasn’t there.
i want to know 

all that our absence made you feel.
i want to know all about your desire and happiness that you had ever seeked.
i want to know all the pain that i have given you,

just to correct myself

i want to know all that was hidden from me.
i want to know you once again.

i want to know us.

All over again.


Love is less about romance and more about respect.

Romantic feelings are always in a flux –

they are there today and not tomorrow. Isn’t?

Like today you’re in a great mood, you have those romantic feelings,

tomorrow you’re not in a great mood,

you don’t feel those romantic feelings.

Feelings go down with time, respect doesn’t –

and it is that ‘respect’ not romance

that becomes the foundation of all our feelings.

Love is less about knowing the person 

and more about caring for the person,

a caring heart walks more than the extra mile

to offer service to their beloved.

Love is a great blend of caring and daring –

Daring to stand up and accept the person completely

regardless of their faults and shortcomings.

let go the mistakes and blunders,

small or big,

forgiveness is the key.

Accept the rose along with the thorns that come with it.

All those weaknesses,shortcomings,faults.

Yes, love is about complete acceptance –

A deal like a rose

beautiful in its color and fragrance

but also coming along with the thorn.

Be there for someone regardless of their successes or failures.

Total acceptance. 

Total love.

Total support.

Her love for him was unconditional.

If he were to fail.

If he were to be rejected.

He would have needed that total acceptance and support all the more,

and she would have been there by his side.

To support him, 

Softening the blows,

Healing his wounds,

Believing in him.

Do not take this material world seriously,

it keeps on changing.

The things and people you take seriously today,

will probably change tomorrow.

Don’t keep it with you, smile.