How you want him to be ?

A puppet ? No. 

A Caretaker ? Sometimes.

The Real One ? Absolutely.

The Soul Seeker ? Definitely.

What else ? Yes. Many More.

But. But. Until When ?

Forever ? Yes. Oh No. Ah! Maybe.

Is it that you can never be “The Only One” for someone ? 

P.S. the above statement is my feeling!

But why? why did i even get these feelings?

Oh Darling! Stop. . .

Are you in love ? 

Hmmm.. Maybe? But it is a NO.

Than why?

Oh Darling, these feelings are just emotions that i receive from the people around. They love you right? They say, you complete them? but until when? you seek for someone who is flirtious and amusing other people?

Wait. I mean. . 

You seek for someone who say you whole lot of loving things? yet so disappeared and distanced from you? who calms you yet keeps you worried whole day? you became “The Only One” for this day? For him to love you anyway?

Did you remember the days when he asked he wanted someone just like you?

Did you remember when he said you, Youre “The Only One” i can rely upon. A Soulmate. A Guide. Someone who would share anything and everything. No matter what?

And now when you respect a person for his words, for his love, for his respect towards you, for his feels, for everything he has showered on you apart from his mistakes.

Somehow changes? No. it is not a change. He is feeling too. Yes. Apart from his struggles and pains. You feel it too. This is Love! You know why? Because for you it is his respect that you have felt for him. His family, his struggles, his pain that reflected in your soul.

And Darling, this respect that he has earned and that you have created shall never go no matter wherever he goes cause one someone turns out to be a Soul Seeker forever remains.

Yet, You might never be “The Only One” for someone for you will always want Him to be Him and You be You while no third person in between. No matter what is hurting or what is the hardest truth to be accepted or denial to be faced.

Must Know. 

You know what?

In order to make a living , people forget to make a life –


Once you accept the bitter truth of life. You will learn to love yourself for the rest of your life –


It May Seem That Moving On Is Way Too Hard But Sometimes, Moving On Is ‘Not Only An Option’ But The Best Thing You Can Ever Bless Yourself With –

Little did she know.

Little did i know,

I was in love.

Little did i know,

I never wanted to.

But Somewhere,

Little did i knew,

I was in love.

Little did i knew,

I wanted to.

Those fairy tales and bliss,

Those heart breaks and kiss,

Those midnight talks and hugs,

Those sudden meetings and walks,

Turned the never into forever.

Oh! Pretty.

Finally did she realised :

She Rose in Love of Bliss,

The moment of glory,

For the devastated soul,

Mesmerising Him forever!

Because Letting Go Is A Part Of Life.

– Hey, listen, believe me, life is all about giving a second chance.
Yeah, to one own self, towards ones own life, to find self soul, joys, inner peace, depth in the dark instead of giving chances to people and feel all the pain within. – much respect is to respect self.

– everything and everyone has a part to play. – why look behind when you have greater things to look forward.

– you never know what life has next for you.

– move on along with the sands of time.

– life goes on.

– Cause baby , not everyone around you will walk with you a minute or forever 

– that’s what life is all about.