Everybody has their own notion towards love. Here is mine – 

All One Needs.

One Love. One Heart. One Guidance. 

Yes, rightly said and i do believe in this notion. Also where “i would rather believe in that click at first sight , the love that would be an echo.” At the end, Love is all you need to survive and somewhat it is a beautiful feeling that one holds together.

To be honest i don’t know what exactly love is. I am always like, “why are you so mad in love , for what , for how long , what is it , why so stuck , so attached , so distracted , so insecure?” 

In fact, i hold a negative vibes towards the word ‘love’ from the very beginning when i started being mature enough. I am sorry for that. No, its not about i am yet to experience the idea of love or why people are so crazy about love. 

Well, it’s not that i never wanted to be in love, who doesn’t? Right.

Also, it’s not that i fear loving but i would rather fear losing, so this thought makes it scarier for me to move forward towards someone and to prioritize a person with the whole of me, may be to cripple myself someday.
Yes, all love stories don’t have sad endings but when you haven’t been in any of the stories,it becomes tough right? 

Above all, when you have seen your surroundings suffering through heartaches,having the ‘crazy love’ vanished without a hint or a second, where the two couples who promised to live together happily ever after are no more together?

Also, where you feel stupid of them being in love to end it like they did rather than settling the breakdowns? 

Wait. Wait. Wait. 

In this case, to say, in Love, i hold a different notion since my schooling days,i never agreed on love,never. I was much like be friends that’s the best thing rather than worrying and sobbing all the time. I was more like an advisor to the love birds, all they were like, why are you single,if i would be a boy, i was sure to propose you. I am like “Ah,noo darling.”

And to be extremely honest, i never entertained guys during my schooling so there was no chance for someone to fall for or vice versa.

Apart from this, to me love is where your heart is. where you both share the commonalities. where you vibe together and feel one another. where you both are at spiritual level while trying to understand each other with all the bits and pieces of hurts,anger and silence. where youre consistent with the only one. where loyalty, honesty, respect, time, communication, character, friendliness, struggles, career, devotion towards one another is and will be an important factor. where jealousy and possessiveness is expressed just for fun for seconds. where you hold more of similarities and interest towards one another. where you both build,heal and uplift each other. where silences are understood with patience. where you share anything and everything without a second thought. Above all, where you both lead a happy,peaceful and beautiful life overcoming all the struggles and barriers while reflecting one another. where you would let the world wonder, “Hey. Look at these two. They are together since then. So it wasn’t a puppy love but a forever one. Blessed.”


Author: untoldphrases

Too Realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.

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