Because we do not share our problems at home.

Than where are we supposed to share ? If not our own family ?

To our Love or to our Bestfriends ?

Or to both of them!

But, we are always taught since our childhood not to utter or reveal our problems to anyone outside.

Since then, if you preach and respect those sayings than where shall we share? who can we rely upon if not family nor love nor our bestfriends?

So, we are supposed to rely on ourselves right but why are we so cruel to our ownself when sharing things can heal us as well as free us from many negative things ? like we damage ourself with our thoughts and so on.

Why do we fear getting close to people,to share things with people? 

the answer is here, because it may turn into love and losing someone you love and are close to is more fearful right. 

But here is a question?

how come people speak their minds so easily ? aren’t they taught the same thing? do they fear losing people or getting attached or not ? what if they leave one day ? 

And. and. and. .

what, if you share all your problems, damages, pains and everything that the heart wants to share all that is hidden deep inside your soul ? will they understand or make fun out of it ? or console you for sharing and leave you otherwise ? 

Ah, because we do not share our problems at home than where shall we ? 



Author: untoldphrases

Too Realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.

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