It happens quite lately,

when a person is willing to know about you,

you take it lightly,unrecognized or stay confused cause of your own beliefs and the bridge that you have created around you.

And when you are willing to express yourself in silence,

out of all chaos. .

When you gather strength and peace out of fears and grief. . 

You will realize,

the person isn’t willing to. . 

Be it a lover or a friend,

Ah! or may be just . . , 

the person remains uninterested or quite busy among themselves.

Get my point? 

This is the ultimate fact . . 

And you may not like these facts. 

Because everybody promises forever and those wordly words remains just a ‘word’ that reaches the heart to build more chaos out of you, in order to break you into pieces someday.

End of the chapter and the story ends!

Because nobody is willing to listen to you and your problems. Be it anything or any kind of situations. Learn to listen to . . 



Author: untoldphrases

Too Realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.

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