Never to leave.

Chances are i will do something stupid if we are friends and ruin our friendship. 

I have just never been really good at anything. 

Cause i am awkward and weird.

You may find it troublesome to handle me and keep me around.

We may have arguments and fights.

We may sometimes have trust issues and things hidden.

And sometimes, you may find it difficult to say things or to understand things with me.

Cause you know, i prefer silence and have trust issues. 

But i know you will always respect me and my silence. I know i will overcome the bridge that i have created over the love you have showered.

i know, you will not mind keeping me around for you know there is no one else who you can rely upon or i can rely upon and there is no better understanding and love like we have come across cause at the end what matters is mutual understanding and never to leave the friendship that we have promised for. 


Author: untoldphrases

Too Realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.

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