She never knew ‘What was it ?’

She never knew how much the things around them affected him.

She never knew how exactly he felt for her.

She never knew about the ‘Us’ they were holding.

She wanted to know it all.

To the extend that he could go through.

His fears,his jealousy,his wants,likes,dislikes (which means,all about them)

The feelings and the fears of losing her and every possible ways to love her.

She urged a crystal clearance with no doubts,no fears.


There was no commitment.

There was no facetime.

Just friendships and understandings.

Just a little laughs and feelings of approval.

So much of similarities yet no love.

Was it love ? 

Or say it a mere fun ?

What was it ?

When you know, ‘he loves you’ ?

Does he really ?

Than what was it that’s holding them behind ?


Author: untoldphrases

Too Realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.

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