6:30 P.M 

She used Facebook after months.

She unchecked all her friends

including you

from “Get notifications” 

to no more of it.

She was sad 

but she was ok

cause you were happy

She knows “you’re a shore” 

Sit back

Take your time

Watch everything 

but don’t listen to people and assume everything on your own

As you once said : “don’t listen to people”

Let your words help you

cause she never blamed you

nor did she splashed water on you


She dropped tears




Till date

For whom ?

that’s YOU.

Yes YOU.

Only YOU.

And you think

She never loved YOU.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

P.S : When two people apart, they are unaware of everything and it becomes a human tendency to think all negative about each other. Isn’t it ? and all they believe is in the negativities that people talk around against them.

And the two people who drifted believes and assumes all that is said by the people around. Maybe untold by both of you. Happens right ? Forgetting all the believes and love that you had once for one another make you believe in everyone else today. Helpless! 

“You trust all other people today,

All She trusted in 

was just YOU




Author: untoldphrases

Too Realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.

9 thoughts on “6:30 P.M ”

    1. Yes we all deal with this, once or twice and we all grow through the pain along the ways. This is a part of our life.

      I am glad you liked it.
      Also, thanks for being there ❤
      Really means alot.


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