2:45 A.M. 

You once made my heart smile,

You were the one to put on the gear,

Now i dare you to stop my tear!

my every fear!


my lost smile!



She don’t know 

if she did a right thing

or you sent him ?

She is confused

Cause she once told you about “wrong vibration from him”

Since the day she was drifting from you

cause the fear of losing you was higher than the vibration from him.

Maybe it was a joke for him

But who knows the truth ?

Well who is she to judge ?

isn’t it.

But than she went with him 

at evening

to spent some time regardless for his happiness.

cause he once meant her alot

though the things changed in between 

unaware of her own STAND

he was still a friend though

She never went alone this way with anyone else apart from YOU


He often asked her to accompany

And she always denied

Just for YOU.

She often tried to ignore and told him :

“Let him come back

We all will go together

Otherwise he will feel bad”


Today she went without YOU

unknowingly if it was right or wrong

for a happiness of a friend

and nothing more than that

to the same place

where we once met 

You know

He seemed quite happy

But she wasn’t

She again missed you

and all the memories revived

and he couldn’t trace her sadness

cause he was not YOU.

and that’s why she always said :

“You’re not ALL

You’re the only ONE”