Lessons to follow.


You Came.

It’s been months now 

and you came back your home.

I remember everything 

and how you used to be!

The way you always came before to meet me –

but this time “again” you didn’t.

Though the love is still not faded

And the little heart still cares.

But you didn’t turn up

to resolve things –

based on whole misunderstandings.

if you wanted to – you could.

The way you messaged a month ago –

With all those “no harsh feelings and to rely on”

You could have appeared this time.


Look the destiny

that i believe in –

felt like you’re coming back 

And you came!

Just on the day 

I was about to message you to meet me once when you return.


How could i message you ?

When you already returned.

( wouldn’t it feel like i am curious or in a hurry )

While you meet all other friends

and leaving me behind.

Had a big smile on my face

as i saw your post over Snapchat.

Cause i wanted to meet you bad.

But see the situations you have made.

The day passed

and the nights so dark.

Waited for a text –

For once, if you wanted as much as i.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Just maybe if you waited for my message.

I was waiting for yours.

– – – – –

Just next day after you returned –

It was sunday my dear friend

it must be a family day for you 

How could i knock you?

I went out with the rest of our friends.

Hoping you would surprise me there.

But you were nowhere –

Wanting to call you to come along

But things weren’t the same.


I wanted to meet you once again –

Just alone 

And No one else.


Just beside,

keeping her feelings behind.

She maintained a bestfriendship

for his sake of friendship

not for this day

to say,.

there is nothing called ‘bestfriendship”


The Chaste soul

became a retarded special.

While smiling on her way

She turned from being –

beautiful , gorgeous , pretty 

to a nightmare.

She is trying to fake –

Cause being nice , similar and realistic 

didn’t work.

As he said :

Forever is You

Yet the strongest pillar shaked.

Just to hold his friendship forever –

The feelings remained unexpressed and hidden within herself –

Unseen by him ,


Yet unrecognised by themselves.


Be straight enough to say

“I want you”

“I love you”

“I need you”

“I miss you”

“I care for you”

“I wanna hold your hand now and forever”

“I won’t ever leave you”

“I need you back”

“I still love you”

“I want this”

“I don’t like this”

“I hated this”

“I loved this”

“Improve your habits”

“Improve this”

“We need to talk”

“We are lacking here”

“This is our problem”

“This is not working”

“We need to improve this”

“I dislike this things”

“I am possessive about”

“I am in love with you”

“I loved you”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This way the ‘Us’ works.

No friendship. No relationship works smoothly. Everybody had struggles until the final day to say “yes we made it”

Everyone goes through struggles which they don’t show. But they simply sit and talk about it. To make it last, and that’s how people look forward to them and has that smiles on their face to say, 

“They made it last” 

“They holded forever tight”

“They are still together”

– – – – – – – – – – – –

P.S : I have seen people looking forward to friendships and relationships like, “hey they look good together, oh my god they are still together and so on.” Those people has great smiles on their face, i know they wish the same, ofcourse who don’t?

But the people who hide behind these smiles are somewhere the one who leaves in between the friendships and relationships not making it till the end cause of their mindset which says, “it’s not working” “i tried” etc,etc,etc.

But the fact is, when did you try? did you talk to the one with whom it’s not working? did you sit together to sort things? to complain? to disregard? and theron, to make it further,the best? or you just chose to leave the struggles in between?

Cause i believe nothing works without struggles, whatever it takes to achieve glory and success holds struggles and hardships, be it in family,friends,career, relationships.

And you say ?

Nothing last forever.

It’s cause you don’t want to.

It’s cause of your own mindset that makes you leave in between.

Thereafter, you have smiles on your face for those people who you see having good friendships with one another forming love or whatsoever, continuing the friendships since days and years?

Do they come to show or say about their struggles and all that they have been through, brought them to this place since years, which brings a smile to your face wishing the same?

But that’s how

We can say

“They made it last”

“They are still together”


i believe 

nothing goes smooth in life

and that’s what

Journey is all about.