Hey friends.

I need your help ,

can someone tell 

how do we get paid for our writings ?

As i have a little knowledge about it 

and i really don’t know which site or page shall I trust.

I wanted to enhance my writing skills online all over the places.


who can help me out of this ?

So i could earn a little ,

Something better than nothing ?
P.S : No offence. 


Hello WordPress Mates.

What’s up?

How are you all ?

It’s been a long time that i have posting here.

I hope you all are fine and doing good in life and having a good health.

Sorry for not posting in the past few days.

While i was absent here ,

I have been posting over INSTAGRAM @phrasesunsaid 

Hope you all like it.

Follow up.

Like , share , smile . 

#Happy Blogging


Let us talk over the comment section ,

I hope you remember me.

Do you ??????


Whatever happens, happens.

Smile –

Feel Lost –

Cry –

Hope –

Get over –

Stay –

Whatever it takes ,

Whatever happens ,

Just stay calm ,

Relax –

Feel good –

Be there –

Live –

Smile –

That’s it. 

Let it be –

Stay positive –

Exchange positiveness –

Whatever is meant to be , 

Will definitely be – 

Try and try –

Don’t stop.